GoBundance Membership Benefits

We can help you not only achieve your dreams, but to discover what’s beyond them. This is what separates us from everyone else. Through our unique group, we share the wisdom that has made us wealthier, happier and more fulfilled. It’s about so much more than that, though. We are genuinely supportive of each, empowering each member to live her best life.

As the song goes… this is how we do it.

Unique & Powerful

Trips & Events

Once in a lifetime adventures, all over the globe, connecting with other entrepreneurial women. Build your network, learn from powerful speakers, make memories and have some fun!

Knowledge is Power

Live Webinars & Masterclasses

Live virtual classes hosted by world-class speakers every week. Learn about a variety of topics from business strategies and wealth building to optimizing your health and nurturing your family. 

Personalized Power


Custom matched groups of 3-5 members who share their goals and hold each other accountable to achieve them. Share your wins and challenges all in a supportive group setting!

The Power of Community

Power-Up Social App

Coming (Very) Soon! Entry into our exclusive, private social media & discussion app with access to our Masterclass Video Library and all of our resources & tools to help you stay on track with your business and personal goals.

Abundant Families


Why not get the whole family involved! With your GBW membership your entire family gains access to our FamBundance Division! 

Meaningful Collaboration


Collaborate with both men and women that share similar goals or interests. From business to health, you will find a community to support you.

The Transformative Power of Real Connection

The BEST Part of All

The best part of GoBundance women are our members. We are top-performing professional women, but we know all too well how lonely it can be at the top.  Sure...we share knowledge and business connections, and those parts are important. Above all, though, our members know that the best part is that support we give each other. You owe it to yourself to invest in you, because will discover that you are way more powerful than you know. 


Access to our GoBundance Elite Division’s LIVE Virtual Programs hosted every week!