About GoBundance Women

We are an exclusive membership community of powerful and ambitious women looking to scale their businesses, careers or portfolios. We support and hold each other accountable for every aspect of our lives. We are diverse, eclectic and impossible to define…or hold down. We value health, financial freedom, adventure, genuine contribution, and above all – unapologetic, unabashed and limitless joy!

Membership provides the tools, mentorship and community needed to attain higher levels of success and create a full, abundant life that you love to live!

I am connecting with women who are similar to me that want to strive, achieve and just want to cheer for each other.

Chrissy Myers

CEO Associated Underwriters Insurance / Chief Disrupter Clarity HR / Author Reluctantly Resilient

I am loving my life and living my philosophy that the goal is to live a life that you don’t need a vacation from.

Erin Bradley

Founder / President / Podcast Host, Pursuing Freedom

The women here are such quality individuals. It’s an amazing place to connect, learn and grow.

Kaaren Hall

CEO, uDirect IRA Services