What are GoPods?

One of the most powerful connection points in GoBundance are GoPods! These pods are a group of 3-6 (sometimes more) GoBundance sisters that choose to stand together and commit to a deeper level of connection and accountability with each other. They meet regularly (usually Weekly) and follow a proven agenda to get to know each other, learn together, hold each other accountable and advance their personal and business goals. 

⭐   How do I join a GoPod?

Attend the weekly New Member GoPod Meeting on Wednesdays at 12pm ET!

During these meetings you will receive orientation on how to run your own GoPod and you will meet other members of GoBundance Women who are ready for a new GoPod too. We look forward to seeing you there!


If it’s impossible for you to join at this time, send an email using the form below, and we will make alternative arrangements!

For Questions or to Change GoPods

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