What are GoPods?

One of the most powerful connection points in GoBundance are GoPods! These pods are a group of 3-6 GoBundance women that are committed to authenticity and accountability. They meet regularly (weekly or bi-weekly) and follow a proven agenda to connect, support and hold one another to the vision and goals you create in your Master Abundance Playbook (MAP). This is a safe and sacred space that will allow you to grow rapidly.

⭐   How do I join a GoPod?

Complete the application and attend the weekly New Member GoPod Meeting on Wednesdays at 12 pm ET!

You will have a chance to understand how GoPod’s works and meet other new and existing members ready for their GoPod, too.

Here is the application to get started:

If it’s impossible for you to join at this time, send an email using the form below, and we will make alternative arrangements!

For Questions or to Change GoPods

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