4 Steps To Creating An Abundance Mindset
Reposted from BizWomen; Author Kelly Resendez

Throughout childhood, we are all pushed to figure out what we are going to do when we grow up. Many of us were pushed toward college or a trade school, where others may have been left to figure it all out on their own.

We were told a lot of what we needed to do or that college was important, but never told just how important what you think or believe is.

Your thoughts and beliefs make up your mindset, and can greatly alter the way you experience life and navigate your career. It is by far the most important tool you must create to have success in business and accomplish all your goals. Choosing the right mindset is critical if you want to actualize your potential and feel more joy in your life.

The first thing to understand is that your mindset is a choice. We all have accidentally picked up our mindset and beliefs along the way that may not serve us and can limit our success. Our thoughts are also guided by past events, which can hold us back from taking risks or moving toward new goals.

I recommend resetting your mindset and building an abundance mindset. An abundance mindset fosters the belief that you have more than enough money, love, time, resources, connections, health, etc. You believe you create your own success, and that life happens for you. In opposition to that is a scarcity mindset which believes all these same things are scarce and that life is happening to you. You feel like a victim to whatever your life circumstances are.

The benefits of having an abundance mindset are endless. It truly changes the way that you see reality. Rather than feeling like a victim to whatever circumstance you’re in, you feel powerful to make changes as needed. You see problems as needed opportunities to grow.

There’s no doubt that in life, you will encounter challenges, but your mindset will allow you to maintain joy and gratitude despite whatever is going on. Whether it’s getting a new manager or losing your biggest account, your mindset will affect the way that you experience these challenges.

When you’re in abundance, you aren’t as affected by negative things that are happening. You are also open to unlimited possibilities, which means fear will no longer hold you back. You will be more likely to go for that next promotion or even possibly start your own business, because you know there is no such thing as failure. You will just use your new mindset to approach every decision differently.

Mandy McAllister, CEO of GoBundance Women, says, “Without reframing activities with a new mindset that were previously fear -inducing, there’s no way I would have approached most of the new ventures I’ve taken on.

There are many steps that you can take to create an abundance mindset. Here are just a few that she says helped her “tremendously:”

1. Recognize you are not your thoughts.
Do not allow your thoughts to guide your emotions. Start sorting and qualifying them so that you only grab onto the thoughts that are in alignment with your new abundance mindset.

2. Practice gratitude.
Find time every day to recount and focus on all of the positive things in your life. We are so good at doing the opposite and focusing on what is negative so just schedule this time to intentionally do this.

3. Create a plan to manage your emotional triggers.
As you navigate different situations, don’t allow yourself to create stories. Stick to the facts and use your new beliefs to navigate you through with more ease.

4. Surround yourself with like-minded women.
Build or choose a community like GoBundance Women that also believes in the importance of mindset so you can have accountability for your goals and thinking. Seeing other women living it will help push you to as well.

To choose an abundance mindset does requires effort. It is very easy to drop into scarcity and feel like a victim. If you want to take your life and career to the next level, though, the time you invest in doing this will be well worth it. Just make a commitment to start somewhere today. Write down how you want to feel and start taking small steps every day.


Ashley Huegi