Suzy Sevier
Adventurous Real Estate Investors
Centerville, OH

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"Laughter is the music of the soul that knows no language barrier"
About Suzy
I am a triathlete, outdoor and adventure enthusiast, and avid traveler. I also laughing... and I love animals, especially CATS. Put me into nature and my wild heart will overflow. I love volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters and Junior League. I am the co-founder of Adventurous Real Estate Investors. My husband and I, Michael, started our real estate journey in June 2020. I am the owner and asset manager of over $70 million worth of apartment communities in Oklahoma. I am also an owner of a short-term rental portfolio in Arlington, Texas. I realized I love humans and that exposed my superpower, asset management. I love working with my teams to ensure everyone involved with the apartment community feels heard and understood.

What Drives Me

Being 1% better everyday