Kari Anderson
Incite! Consulting
Coeur d'Alene/Jackson, Idaho/Wyoming

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"It used to be "Fortune favors the bold". But, now it's "Our biggest fear is our own greatness"."
About Kari
Nonprofit wrangler. Board border collie. Professional people herder. Some of the titles nonprofit maven Kari Anderson wears running Incite! Consulting, a boutique coaching and consulting practice. What's her niche? Building nonprofits up. From the inside out. Kari is a recovering nonprofit executive. During her 20+ years in the field, she served seven nonprofits in Washington and Colorado in various leadership roles. A seasoned board member, she has served on boards in seven states focused on health, athletics and education. Having served as both staff and board, she’s got the scoop on what it takes to run a healthy, vibrant and visionary business, all while having some serious fun! A Montana native, Kari is based in Coeur d’Alene, ID and Jackson, WY. She brings the office and toolkit to her client, and works with nonprofits to support people, increase revenues and rethink strategies to move missions forward.

Elevator Pitch

I help build nonprofits up. From the inside, out.